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Investors - What would you do during a recession?

Investment, Planning, lenders, first mortgages 31/05/2019

Recession - the word itself can cause panic among the masses. With a recession comes unemployment, loss of jobs, bankruptcy - not to mention a whole lot of stress and constant anxiety.

A recession can last for up to 6 months, and could have a lasting effect if you don't plan your finances wisely. Now the question is, does a recession-proof investment strategy exist? Let's find out. 

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Rewards and risks: Investments for retirement income

Investment, Retirement, New Zealand Investors, mortgages 23/05/2019

Almost all investments come with their own risks and rewards.

Ideally, your investments should offer you a substantial return so that you can continue with your current lifestyle without dedicating too much time or energy managing your money.

Let's discuss the 4 most common investments options along with the risks and rewards associated with each.

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The What, How And Why of Peer-to-Peer Lending


As you move closer to retirement or if you have retired already, one of the biggest challenges for you is to have your investment generate a reasonable and reliable source of income.

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4 Interesting Investment Options for Kiwis (With Pros and Cons)

Stress-free, Retirement, New Zealand Investors 08/02/2019

Retirement is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Less work and more play - you've earned it, after all!

Research suggests that jobs are the main reason for stress in many people, although we doubt that would take you by surprise.

With retirement comes less stress, more fun and time to spend with your friends and family; not to mention that you can finally pursue hobbies that you've always wanted to but just never had the time to get around to because of work commitments.

But here’s the thing..

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It’s becoming harder for Kiwi parents to transfer wealth to the kids


Here at Southern Cross Partners we’ve become aware that New Zealand parents are finding it harder than ever to help their children buy homes because certain mainstream bank lending requirements mean that asset wealth is no longer good enough for mainstream financiers.

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Proposals for disclosure of mortgage commissions will protect public and advisers

mortgages, mortgage advisors, commissions, lenders, brokers 02/07/2018

Proposals to make mortgage advisers disclose commissions are a good thing that will help protect both advisers and consumers.

A recent discussion document from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment – which proposes that advisers disclose information about fees and commissions – will encourage more transparency in the process, and is something that SCP already have insisted on in all our documents; mortgage advisers already adhere to these conditions when dealing with SCP.

The proposals however, could go further.

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How to pick an investment with less stress for your retirement

Investment, Planning, Stress-free, Retirement 28/06/2018

When you’re retired, you want to be able to maintain a reasonable income level while still accruing a little bit of wealth to keep you in the lifestyle you deserve. While you may have invested to build your nest egg, now that you’re in your golden years, how can you keep the money train moving forward?

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What's in a name? How we became Southern Cross Partners

News, Our Story, History 07/06/2018

Established in 1997 as Southern Cross Finance Limited, the company was born to assist everyday New Zealanders with their mortgage finance requirements that fell outside normal banking criteria. In 2009, under the Contributory Mortgage Regulations, we began matching investors with borrowers who had property to offer as security for their loan.

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Helping New Zealand builders build and helping first time home buyers get their house

Planning, Building, Helping Kiwis buy homes, First time homeowners, First time buyers 09/05/2018

Banks want finished houses, and builders want to build them. It seems like a match made in Heaven, but there’s one catch. Someone has to pay for the houses to be built, but neither party is putting their hands up. As a consequence, New Zealanders are left with a pre-approved loan that can’t buy them the land or allow them to make progressive payments during construction.

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New Zealand investors need to do their research

Investment, New Zealand Investors, Research 24/03/2018

The Global Financial Crisis led to the Government and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) making an effort to try and protect New Zealand investors with new legislation. Despite this, many people are too trusting and lack basic financial knowledge, which means many New Zealand investors are still at risk.

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