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GFC learnings informing our current investment approach


During the last 25 years, Southern Cross Partners has learned to thrive through the ups and downs of New Zealand’s property market to keep providing investors with ideal loans. This is because we navigated the Global Financial Crisis in New Zealand, changing our business model as a result to centre on being prudent and having a balanced portfolio.

So, we know we’re as prepared as we can be for what the next economic cycle may bring with it.

We’re proudly New Zealand owned and operated, and we’re proudly specialist lenders who know what works best for the business and investors. During the years we’ve fine-tuned what types of security property work for us and what doesn’t and that’s why we’re conservative lenders.

When new investors approach SCP, they’re always keen to understand what secures their investment. We always tell investors that every investment comes with elements of risk, and it is a personal decision as to what someone takes on.

However, all of our loans are in property and/or land and are secured by a first mortgage. These loans are provided to borrowers looking for short-term bridging finance for an average of 12 months. SCP is the loan manager, and we manage all loan aspects on behalf of the investor.

It’s these loans that Kiwis invest in. You aren’t investing in Southern Cross Partners. Instead, you choose the specific property loan you want to invest in and invest directly in that loan using the investment platform.

It’s important to remember that past performance doesn’t predict future results. However, we are still proud that investors have never lost money through SCP to date, due to our conservative lending criteria. We also lend our own money first, putting our money where our mouth is to ensure our investments are suitable for investors.

Because SCP provides a conservative, secure investment backed by actual property with a competitive rate, our investment return rates don’t necessarily shift with broader interest rates.

To understand more about our investment strategy and what that means for your potential returns, feel free to give our friendly investment team a call. They’re always here to answer any questions you may have.