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Introducing: Jasmin Henson, BDM Support and Admin


jasmin head shot

Jasmin has been a valued member of the SCP team for more than two years. She has a solid grasp on how both sides of the business functions, having worked across investments and lending.

She first started with the investment team, advising investors on how their investments are tracking and answering any queries. She then shifted over to the lending side of the business, working alongside the Business Development team throughout the country. It’s Jasmin’s job to work with financial advisers to finalise the deals secured by Michael, Hend, and Nick.

We asked Jasmin what she likes to see in all SCP loan applications from advisers:

  • Property details are key. We need to know as many property details as possible so we can make accurate lending decisions. This includes visualising the site with a site visit, the real estate listing, and Google Street View searches.
  • Exit strategy is key. Material shortages and price hikes are shifting the goal posts for construction work. We need to really understand how a borrower will repay their loan, and if they have the materials available to hit their deadlines with us.
  • Additional information is key. The more information advisers provide, the better we can see how a deal may be structured and what we could potentially offer. Any information that could be of relevance to us, make sure to include it.