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Introducing: Ross Latham, Investment Relationship Partner



Ross has been with Southern Cross Partners for four years and his role is to help our current investors with queries, alongside securing new investors. A large part of Ross’ role is onboarding new investors, the majority of which come via word of mouth through existing investors.  

We asked Ross for his top points that he tells prospective investors about SCP and the type of loans we handle: 

1. Security is key. He finds that prospective investors have a keen focus on investment security. While past performance doesn’t predict future results, we’re proud that investors have never lost money through SCP to date due to our conservative lending criteria. We also invest with our own money first, putting our money where our mouth is to ensure our investments are suitable for investors.

2. Experience is key. During the last 25 years we’ve learned that being prudent and focused on having a balanced portfolio helps us thrive through the ups and downs of New Zealand’s property market to keep providing our investors with ideal loans. SCP’s founders, Barry and Julia Milward, are still involved in the business, and it’s a benefit that we have their expert knowledge to draw on. 

3. Familiarity is key. People generally like to invest in properties in areas they’re familiar with, or suburbs that are well known. People also like to invest in familiar property types, such as the classic 3-4 bedroom Kiwi home. We like to loan on properties such as these since we know they’re trusted by investors. 

4. Market exposure is key. Many investors see SCP as a great way to get exposure in the property market without directly purchasing a property. With SCP being conservative lenders and implementing strict LVRs, our investment opportunities can withstand market fluctuations. 

To speak to Ross directly, feel free to contact him on 021 521 257 or rossl@scpartners.co.nz.