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Introducing SCP's construction consultant - Andrew Hill

As a specialist lender with a long history in construction lending, SCP is used to handling new builds and supporting your clients to get their projects off the ground and on a pathway to completion.  

Construction loans are their own kettle of fish, and we handle these a little differently to our other types of lending. For example, we fund our construction loans with progress payments and according to an agreed schedule, and we always have eyes on the ground to ensure construction milestones are being met (so we can have funds ready as soon as they’re needed). 

We’re always looking for ways to improve our construction lending. That’s why we’re excited to welcome our new construction consultant, Andrew Hill, to the SCP team. 

With 33 years in the commercial construction industry under his toolbelt, Andrew’s role includes helping SCP to determine which construction projects we should get behind and looking after our construction clients once the initial loan has been approved. This means overseeing construction projects throughout the lifecycle of the build, identifying any issues along the way, and being a friendly (and knowledgeable) face that our clients can depend on.    

A core component of Andrew’s role will be regular site visits for potential construction loans and visiting some of our existing customers from time-to-time. We asked Andrew what kinds of things he looks for when visiting a site: 

“I look at the scheme as a whole, what is it our customers are doing and what are our and their expectations. Services, the surrounding neighbourhood, saleability and the ability to complete are important too. There are plenty of moving parts in construction and I want to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

"Although many projects will follow a simple path, the ones that don’t perform generally lack a logical methodology. Southern Cross is built on helping our customers and I look forward to catching up with everyone.” 

If you’ve got a client in need of construction and development lending, give one of our BDM’s a call or email loans@scpartners.co.nz