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Maximising your commissions in a changing market


As New Zealand’s housing market changes, the outlook for mortgage advisers is also shifting, and now is the time to identify where you can expand your skills – and for many advisers this includes expanding into non-bank or specialist lending.

Many advisers are already very comfortable handling non-bank or specialist lending, and some specialise almost exclusively in it.

But for others it’s not something they currently offer, and we often hear stories of advisers turning away loans because it’s not their specialty, losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in commission.

This is especially prevalent in the current quickly shifting market where there are varying levels of uncertainty. However, this is the optimal time to learn about specialist lending and take on those opportunities you may have previously let pass you by and set yourself up for future lending.

When you’ve got a loan application outside your usual work, you need to ask questions and lean into trusted experts.

The key part with these types of loans is to understand what they need the money for, if they can afford repayments, and how they plan to exit the loan agreement. That will give you a better idea of where they could sit.

If that loan could sit in the specialist lending space, or if you’re not quite sure but want to check, that’s when you give Southern Cross Partners a call. We can figure out pretty quickly if your client is suitable for SCP lending.

We specialise in finance for those who can’t necessarily get money from the bank. We predominately lend on residential refinancing and construction loans. But what we have appetite to lend on shifts month to month – so it’s always worth having a conversation with us.

Banks only look at the numbers and at SCP we pride ourselves on considering loans based on each individual circumstance.

Not only can we answer your loan-specific questions, but we can also step you through how your commission will work for your loan application.

At SCP we generally pay commission to advisers up front as soon as the loan settles. Commission with specialist lenders like SCP is higher than traditional banks and we avoid drip feeding commission to advisers by paying in full.

No doubt there’s money to be made by working outside your strike zone. It’s just about working with the right people and asking the right questions. To discuss specialist lending further and what we’re looking for, you can always get in touch with us for a chat.