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Portal FAQs for every investor

Last year we migrated to our new investor portal with great success. The new portal provides a range of enhanced functions all housed in one location, making it easier to track current investments, make new investments or sell existing ones.  

As we approach the five-month mark with our new portal, we want to share some common portal FAQs all investors should read.  

Why don’t I get an email confirmation anymore when I place an order? 

The portal does not need to send you email confirmation because as soon as you place your order via the portal, one of two things occur: 

  • If you have sufficient funds in your On Call account, your investment will open straight away. You can also review your order details such as amount, rate, maturity date, and full loan details by clicking the My Investments section of the portal and looking under the Current tab. 
  • If you are waiting for funds to come from a repayment, or sending us new funds, you can still review all the details of your order by clicking on the My Investments section of the portal, and looking under the Pending tab. 

Why are funds from a repayment on a Friday still sitting in my On Call account over the weekend, after making a re-investment? 

At SCP all our transactions, both repayments and new funds, are processed the next business day. For example, if your loan repaid into your On Call account on a Friday, and you ordered a replacement investment with those funds, this will be processed from your On Call account on Monday (the next business day) but show as starting on the Friday.

Why do some of my current investments say “Investment Opportunity,” but the details of the loan show $0.00 available? 

The notation “Opportunity” will show if there is either:  

  • Available funds still in the loan that can be further invested in 
  • Orders have been placed by other investors in the loan and we are waiting on funds to arrive.  

If it’s the latter, it will show as $0.00 available when you look at the loan details. Once the funds are in, and the order is fulfilled, the notation will disappear, and the loan will be fully subscribed. If the funds do not arrive, or the order is cancelled, it will remain available as an opportunity with an investment amount available. 

Why do my repaying investments go through my On Call account instead of straight to my bank account? 

Your On-Call account is like having your own bank account with SCP and is an easy way to see the flow of funds to and from SCP. You will be able to see all transactions here, such as deposited funds and which opportunities you invest in.  

When a repayment occurs, the funds will flow to the On-Call account first, to be reinvested or you can request a repayment to your bank account. Do remember your On Call account doesn’t earn interest. 

If you get stuck navigating the portal, feel free to give us a call at any time. We also have PDF and video guides available on our website and in the Investor Portal to demonstrate all tasks on the portal.