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Talking to your clients about specialist lending

There are some types of loan applications that make sense, but the banks don’t want to lend on them. Maybe the person contracts, maybe they have other debt or they want to extend their property portfolio and need bridging finance.

Whatever the reason, we all know there are options beyond the banks, and that is where the non-bank lenders come in.

We fill an important part of the financial ecosystem. But it’s not about being non-bank, we’re specialist lenders. We know the types of deals that work for us and we lend on them, and them alone.

With the right financial advice it’s possible to get your clients back on track with their financial goals and ambitions. At Southern Cross Partners we’ve been applying our hands on approach since 1997 to create specialist solutions for Kiwis.

There is a huge opportunity for advisors that understand the possibilities of specialist lending. Clients looking to borrow rarely push to find solutions beyond the banks. Many believe it’s for ‘other people’ or too expensive.

How best to talk about Southern Cross Partners with your clients:

Southern Cross Partners are specialist lenders
  • They provide short term, flexible lending solutions that get everyday people from A to B.
  • Southern Cross Partners are proud to be a locally owned business. They are a tight team of industry experts, who believe in values like honesty, loyalty and trust.
  • They put faces to numbers and people at the heart of everything they do, so there is no impersonal algorithms with them.
  • Being 100% independent means they have the freedom to work in ways that work best for their clients.
  • They take the time to get to know people and understand individual circumstances.
  • They treat everything on its merit – not by boxes to tick.

Advisors who understand specialist lending get great outcomes for their clients, as well as themselves. Working with Southern Cross Partners unlocks a second revenue stream for your business.

Taking into consideration your clients’ unique situations is at the heart of what we do. Where it’s hard for a bank to understand the context, we make the effort to find a solution. In the event of having unanswered questions, we make contact and ask.

We don’t see ourselves as competing with the banks. In many cases we’re happy to work alongside them, as well as advisors, to find solutions for clients.

Whatever the reasoning behind the banks declining your client’s application there are other options to pursue and we know them best. We’re always happy to talk through the details and put our specialist lender skills to benefit both you and your clients.