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What's in a name? How we became Southern Cross Partners

Established in 1997 as Southern Cross Finance Limited, the company was born to assist everyday New Zealanders with their mortgage finance requirements that fell outside normal banking criteria. In 2009, under the Contributory Mortgage Regulations, we began matching investors with borrowers who had property to offer as security for their loan.

Roll forward to 2016 when, after those regulations were repealed by government, we changed to Southern Cross Partners Limited and were granted a peer to peer licence by the Financial Markets Authority to continue matching investors, who want to invest in offering 1st mortgage investments, with borrowers. We chose ‘Southern Cross Partners’ because a partnership best reflects the relationship we have with our investors.

Southern Cross Ship

The company now has a staff of 15 throughout the country with 5 directors steering the ship and, speaking of ships, this brings us to the name of the company. When one of the founders of the company first emigrated from the UK in 1963 he travelled on a ship built for the Shaw, Savill & Albion Line called The Southern Cross.