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Insider guide: telling your customers about SCP

Despite some loans making perfect sense, some banks don’t want to lend on them regardless. A borrower may need bridging finance, or they contract and have fluctuating income. It’s these times where specialist lenders come in.

Southern Cross Partners fills an important role in the financial ecosystem. We know what types of deals work for us and we lend on them, and them alone. We’ve been creating specialist solutions for Kiwis for the last 25 years.

If you think a customer may be a good fit for lending with SCP, here’s how to talk about our offering:

  • They provide short term, flexible solutions that get everyday people from A to B
  • SCP is a locally owned business, operating throughout New Zealand for more than 25 years
  • They are industry experts who believe in values like honesty, loyalty, and trust
  • They assess every loan individually and look at the people behind the application, not just the numbers within it.
  • Being 100% independent means they have the freedom to work in ways that work best for their clients
  • They treat everything on its merit, not by boxes to tick.

Taking into consideration your clients’ unique situations is at the heart of what we do. Where it’s hard for a bank to understand the context, we make the effort to find a solution. In the event of having unanswered questions, we make contact and ask.

We don’t see ourselves as competing with the banks. In fact, we’re happy to work alongside them, as well as advisors, to find solutions for clients.

Whatever the reasoning behind the banks declining your client’s application there are other options to pursue, and we know them best. We’re always happy to talk through the details and put our specialist lender skills to benefit both you and your clients.