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SCP Investor portal guide: On Call account

SCP Portal



At SCP we believe you should know where your money is, and what’s happening with it all the time, from anywhere in the world. That’s what enables our investors to be actively involved in their investments.  

The portal gives you 24/07 visibility of your investments and interest payments, and it’s the first port of call for any questions or queries our investors may have. Whether its interest earned or tax paid, it's all easily accessible on the SCP portal.  

Like most digital products and platforms, users often use only a sliver of the capabilities available to them. So, we’re going to be sharing some portal tips and tricks with you on a regular basis, to help you make the most of the portal and your experience with us.  

This month, we’re helping you with your On Call account.  

What does the On Call account do? 

The On Call account acts as a holding account through which all your principal investment funds flow in and out and is specific to each investor's entity.  

  • If you have more than one entity investing with us, such as an individual account plus a trust account, each entity will have its own On Call account. 
  • All new funds you deposit with us from your bank are first receipted into this account before being directed to any pending investment orders.  
  • All repayments are also receipted into this account, before being directed to any pending investment or repaid to your bank account as requested. 

Where is your On Call account?  

You can find your On Call account in the My Investments section of the portal under the ON CALL heading. 

Your On Call account number will start with A (while your deposits in a loan begin with B) 

To see all the transactions select the Details button. 

How do you export / download the contents of your On Call account?

The On Call account really comes into its own when there are lots of repayments, especially partial repayments. Viewing the transactions through your On Call account is the best way of tracking these funds.  

You can also export/download these transactions, as well as all the individual investment transactions, onto an excel spreadsheet or pdf sheet for your own records. 

Simply right click with your mouse on the grey menu bar on and select the programme you wish to export the transaction list into. This will then download onto your computer.  

If you are using a tablet, tap and hold the grey bar to bring up the same menu.

Why should you get repaid funds sent into the On Call account? 

Some investors previously required any repaying funds to always be repaid direct to their bank account so they could keep their own records of their funds, but now most of these investors use the on-call account for this purpose instead.  

This is because keeping funds in the On Call account ready to reinvest removes downtime that occurs when redepositing funds. If there are sufficient funds in the On Call account, an investment can begin immediately. 

We have also added the bonus of paying our investors interest on any funds sitting in the On Call account at a current rate of 3.5%* p.a.  

For more information on how to make the most out of the SCP portal, check out the Help & Guides section of the portal, visit the Portal Guide section of the website, or chat to one of our investment team members today. 

*Subject to change and the rate is updated monthly and disclosed on our website