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What’s in a name? The Southern Cross Partners’ story

Heather Kentsley, Investment Manager, Southern Cross Partners

When I joined Southern Cross Partners 11 years ago, I wondered where the name came from. Well, it didn’t take long to find out. Barry Milward, the founder of Southern Cross Partners, loves to chat with investors, financial advisors and the team about it.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard the wonderful story of Barry emigrating from the UK in the early 1960’s and traveling on the iconic ship built for the Shaw, Savill & Albion Line called The Southern Cross.

When he and his wife Julia launched their new business venture, it seemed fitting that the name referenced the ship that was integral to moving to New Zealand and symbolic of “new opportunities and a new life.”

Fast forward nearly 25 years and the business is still focused on helping start new opportunities. The whole team is focused on providing quality investment opportunities for our investors.

We love nothing more than enabling investors to enjoy the little and big things in life. We provide short term, flexible lending solutions that get everyday people from A to B, and offer these as lucrative investments that are underpinned by the tangible security of property.

I’ve had multiple roles in the company during my 11 years, and it’s apparent there’s a Kiwi ideal that ties the business together. It’s all about the ingenuity to problem solve with a can-do attitude.

We take the time to get to know people and understand individual circumstances. We treat everything on its merit – not by ticking boxes. It’s this approach that results in quality investment opportunities for our investors.

We bring not only nearly 25 years of financial credibility and success, but the experience of life itself. We’re people first and we’re about helping others achieve what they set out to do.

We think of ourselves as a true partner to our clients — Southern Cross Partners.